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Who are we?

Friends of Presta is the community that gathers developers and integrators around the open source e-commerce solution PrestaShop. It is the leading e-commerce solution in Europe with over 300,000 merchants worldwide.

  • +60 Membres adhérents
  • 3000 personnes sur le groupe Facebook
  • 300 Experts on slack
  • 177 Sites e-Commerce Solidaire
  • +220 k of revenue generated

The association

  • The Objectives

    The missions and objectives we have set ourselves

  • The Bureau and Board of Directors

  • Les documents

    Les Status, règlement intérieur, AGs, ...

Membership of Friends of Presta

You can now join the association.

Ouverte à l internationale

Le montant des cotisations pour 2023
- Personne Physique : 25 €
- Personne morale -10 Salariés : 50 €
1 person has access to the association's resources and only one channel at the GAs
- Personne morale +10 Salariés : 120 €
3 people have access to the association's resources and can represent the structure but the structure has only one voice at the GAs

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